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Epting Funeral Home

Serving Northwest Arkansas with Four Locations

What are the benefits of preplanning and/or prepaying my funeral?

We believe in being prepared and planning ahead.  That is why we highly encourage you to preplan your funeral.  Many times, families are at a lost as to what their loved one’s final wishes would have been.  Also, it can be difficult to make decisions during a very emotional time.  By preplanning, you not only ease this decision for your family, but also guarantee the type of services you want.

You can go one step further and prepay your funeral.  The benefit of prepaying your funeral is that the price is locked in at today’s rates.  So, no matter how much time has elapsed between now and then, the price will never go up!

We offer insurance through National Guardian Life Insurance Company.  You can call us or visit their website at for more information.

How do I order additional death certificates?

Additional copies may be ordered later simply by calling our office or ordering them directly from the Arkansas Department of Health.  Certificates may be ordered from state by the following methods: